Dr Taylor is an board certified orthopedic surgeon, specializing in sports medicine, shoulder, knee arthroscopy & shoulder replacement.


Recovery From Knee Arthroscopy

After knee arthroscopy recovery is usually fairly rapid. The knee is initially swollen and painful and it is advisable to rest and ice the knee for at least 3 days before attempting to be too active. Stay around the house, relax, work on gentle range of motion. Don’t try to be a hero and return to heavy activity too soon or you will get a swollen knee that may need to be drained at your first post op appointment.

At 3 days, you can take the dressing off and get in the shower. Don’t take the steri-strips off–if they do fall off just put band-aids over the incisions. Keep the wounds covered until your first post op visit to the office at about a week.

Immediately after surgery start working gently on getting your motion back. To get the leg all the way straight, put your heel up on the coffee table or chair and let the leg relax into full extension. Don’t put anything behind the knee. Once you can get the leg straight, practice doing straight leg raises, lifting the foot off the table.

Recovery From Knee

your quadriceps muscle strength back sooner. When you get tired of this, let the knee bend until the foot is on the floor. Then hook it with the other foot and flex the knee back to work on flexion. Bend it back as far as possible and hold it there for 30 seconds.

At your first post op appointment, the doctor will determine, based on your motion and the type of surgery performed, if physical therapy will be necessary. In general, if in doubt, therapy is probably beneficial.

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